The journey of “Me”.

The Human Gino Project chronicles this character: “Gino Pronos” through this thing called life as he navigates the choppy waters of business and the mastery of the mind.

Audio and voice is the future.

As the world becomes more saturated with options to consume content, the only real way to separate yourself is to add another layer of value, which is time. A podcast allows listeners to consume passively in order to get ahead.

On my podcast The Human Gino Project, you’ll hear episodes of #padsessions (a jam session for Realtors) and Hour 91, as well as, a mix of highlights from my documentary vlog video series, keynote speeches, interviews, chats, rants, practical advice for the real estate market, social commentary, thoughts on the mind and the state of the world…and probably a lot of golf & pro wrestling stuff too.


To listen to The Human Gino Project on Google Home, simply say “Ok Google, listen to The Human Gino Project Podcast”.

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Real talk Real Estate

#PADSESSIONS is basically an open jam session for Realtors. Guests come together from various walks of life to add their 2 cents on the world of Real Estate.…from current market conditions to design, tech, entrepreneurship, marketing, media and culture. There is no shortage of practical advice for buyers and sellers to help you be successful homeowners and it’s the place to be if you’re a Realtor looking to grow your business. This one has it all. I shoot the shit with friends and industry players just like the good old days where me and my friends would sit around bouncing ideas off of each other and discussing the state of the union around the things we love.

Hour 91

Hour 91 is the premiere training resource for Real Estate Professionals.

Hour 91 is your career.

Think of it as a post grad education once you complete your 90 hours of pre-license training.

You’re going to hear insider tips, tricks, stories, step by step instruction, practical advice, and much more from industry players and professionals who are here to help you grow your sales career, team or brokerage.

You’re going to hear a lot from me on the digital, creative and marketing side, where I expose the secrets and techniques I use everyday to help take our agents to the next level, but the catalyst of the operation is my co-host, George Ristau and his over three decades of knowledge, wisdom and experience selling real estate and operating a successful, full service brokerage. He has seen and done it all and conquered every objection and obstacle in this game, so he will be leading the conversation on helping you understand the Xs and Os, as well as, his personal philosophies on what it takes to make top producing agents successful.

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