Welcome to Gino Pronos Photography. This policy book is designed to provide clear guidelines and expectations for my services, ensuring a professional and seamless experience for all clients.

Business Details
Contact Information:
- Phone: 773-990-9697- Email: gino@ginopronos.com
- Business Hours: Seven days per week, via appointment. (See Scheduling Policies section for details)
- Service Areas: Chicagoland, IL within 40 miles of 60706.

Services Offered
I offer a range of real estate photography services to meet your needs:
- Interior Photography: High-quality, full spectrum or HDR 2D images of the interior spaces.
- Exterior Photography: Stunning exterior shots of the property.
- Video Services: Video walkthroughs, Instagram Reels, custom.
- Virtual Services: Matterport 360º 3D Tours, Virtual Photo Staging.
- Aerial Photography: Drone shots capturing the property from above.
- Design Services: Custom brochures, flyers, postcards, websites, graphic design.
- Marketing Services: Lead generation, Google PPC ads, organic social media content strategy, paid social media advertising.

Pricing Structure: See “Pricing” Page for latest offerings.
Service Packages: See “Pricing” Page for latest offerings.

Booking and Scheduling
How to Book:
To book a session, please visit my website www.ginopronos.com/book or contact me directly via phone call / text: 773-990-9697 or email: gino@ginopronos.com.

Scheduling Policies:
-Bookings should be made at least one day in advance.
-Same day appointments will be at Gino’s discretion, two hour notice required. 
-Bookings made via the website (ginopronos.com/book) will be confirmed instantly.
-Gino will contact you directly via phone with any questions prior to the shoot if necessary.
-Hours available by appointment only.
-Time slots are available seven days per week, Sunday-Saturday, 9am-10am, 10am-11am, 11am-12pm or 12pm-1pm.
-A maximum of two appointments per day are available for scheduling.

Rescheduling and Cancellation Policies:
- Rescheduling: Please notify me via text, call or email (773-990-9697, gino@ginopronos.com) at least two hours before your scheduled session to reschedule.
- Check your “confirmation” email to cancel or reschedule on your own.
- Rescheduled appointments will not incur any additional fees.
- Cancellations: Cancellations made less than 12 hours before the session will incur a fee of $50.
-In the event of a cancellation on larger projects where a deposit was required, the deposit will be refunded, less $50, within 24 hours.

Travel Policies:
-Any location within 20 miles of my main office location in zip code 60706 will incur no additional travel fees. 
-Any location 21-30 miles outside of this area will incur an additional travel service fee of $5 per additional mile.
-A location within 31-40 miles will incur an automatic travel surcharge of $75.
-Travel will be capped at 40 miles.

On-Site Policies:
Client Responsibilities:
- Ensure the property is clean and staged for the photo session before our scheduled appointment.
- Provide access to all areas to be photographed.
- Provide lockbox codes or ensure someone is present to grant access to the property.
- Be prepared to vacate the property or move to an area where you will not interfere or delay the shoot. These details will have been discussed prior, during our initial consultation.

Code of Conduct
Professionalism and Etiquette:
- Gino Pronos Photography is committed to maintaining a high level of professionalism and courtesy.
- The photographer will dress appropriately and arrive on time for the appointment.
- The photographer will treat all clients, their properties and privacy with respect.
- The photographer will respect any reasonable request made by the client.
Privacy and Confidentiality:
- All client information and property details will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third parties without the client’s consent.

Photo Delivery:
- Turnaround Time: Usually within 24 hours. Guaranteed within 72 hours.
- Delivery Methods: Digital delivery via private Google Drive Folder.
- Image Resolution: Assets delivered in maximum resolution set by the terms of your MLS policy.

Payment Policies:
Upon completion of scheduled work, I will send you an invoice, to your email on file, detailing the services that were performed and the cost for each service, as well as, any discounts applied for volume or any discretionary reasons.
Payment Methods Accepted:
- Bank Transfers via Zelle to gino@ginopronos.com or 773-990-9697 (preferred)
- Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
- PayPal
- CashApp
- AfterPay (Buy Now Pay Later)
- Check (Made to “Gino Pronos”)
- Cash (by prior arrangement only)

Payment Due Dates:
- Payment is due within 48 hours upon receipt of the invoice.
- For larger projects requiring a deposit, the deposit amount of 25% will be due at the time of booking, with the balance due upon delivery of the final images.

Late Payment Fees:
- A late fee of 5% of the total invoice amount will be applied for payments not received within 7 days of the invoice date.
- An additional 5% late fee will be applied every 7 days thereafter until the invoice is paid in full.

100% Money Back Guarantee-See “Dispute Resolution” Section

Image Rights and Usage:
Copyright Ownership:
- All images are copyrighted by Gino Pronos Photography and remain the intellectual property of Gino Pronos Photography.

Usage Rights for Clients:
- Clients are granted a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use the delivered images for marketing and promotional purposes related to the sale or rental of the property, as well as, for promotional purposes of the client’s real estate business.
- Images may not be sold, transferred or used by third parties without written permission from Gino Pronos Photography.

Photographer’s Rights to Use Images for Marketing:
- Gino Pronos Photography retains the right to use any images for portfolio purposes, marketing, advertising and promotional purposes, both online and in print.

Liability and Insurance:
Liability Waiver:
- Gino Pronos Photography is not liable for any damages to the property during the photo session.
- Clients agree to indemnify and hold Gino Pronos and any affiliates harmless against any and all claims, liabilities, costs and expenses arising from the photography session.

Insurance Coverage:
- Gino Pronos carries professional liability insurance to cover any incidents that may occur during the photo session.

Client Communication:
Preferred Communication Methods:
- Preferred methods of communication are email (gino@ginopronos.com) and phone calls or texts (773-990-9697).
- Communication is also available via any public social media platform @ginopronos.

Response Time Expectations:
- Communication is open 24 hours per day as needed.
- Emails, calls and texts will be responded to within 24 hours. Usually within the first hour after receipt.

Feedback and Dispute Resolution:
Feedback Collection Methods:
- Clients are encouraged but not required to provide feedback via email, through the feedback form available on the Gino Pronos Photography website or via any feedback form sent by Gino Pronos via email.
- Periodic surveys may be sent to clients to gather feedback on their experience.

Steps for Resolving Disputes:
- In the event of a dispute, clients should contact Gino Pronos Photography directly to discuss the issue.
- If the issue cannot be resolved through initial communication, a formal written complaint may be submitted.
- Gino Pronos Photography will respond to formal complaints within 5 business days.
- If the dispute remains unresolved, mediation may be sought through a mutually agreed-upon third-party mediator.

100% Money Back Guarantee
-In the event that no other resolution can be agreed upon, a full refund for any or all unsatisfactory services will be issued to the original payment method on file within two business days (check with your financial institution for processing times).
-Money back guarantee expires after five days of receipt of media.

Thank you for choosing Gino Pronos Photography. I am committed to providing you with exceptional service and high-quality images and requested media that meets your needs. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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